Keys to Accountability

The Keys to Accountability

Remember how easy it was in school to get your homework and projects done on time? Well, “easy” might not be the right word, but motivation certainly wasn’t a problem: if you didn’t turn in the assignment, you had an irritated teacher and a bad grade to contend with. Now that we’re adults, the only person we have to answer to for most things is ourselves—and we tend to be pretty lenient on discipline.

Job Hopping

Generation of Job Hopping

Much has been made recently of the statistic that the millennials (the generation currently in their 20s) has already worked an average of 6.3 different jobs before age 25. That’s a lot of bouncing around in a 9-year window. The numbers point to a dramatic shift in how Americans are thinking about their work life—hopping from place to place instead of settling in for the long haul at one company. But is it really that dramatic a change?